My favourite ads of the decade, number 6: Dumb Ways To Die.

I know the chorus to the Dumb Ways To Die song.

So do my kids.

So do millions of people who are never going to be hit by a train in Melbourne.

How many ads have their own Wikipedia entry?

How many ads feature sick deaths, yet still appeal to kids?

How many ads feature a song written by the copywriter, that charted in three countries?

How many ads have won the most Lions at Cannes? One, obviously.

How many ads have been banned in Russia for inciting suicide AND spawned three video games?

How many ads have inspired 85 parodies?

How many ads have reduced ‘near-miss’ train accidents by 30%?

How many ads have given us a range of toys and pajamas?

How many ads gave us a song that was used in the 45th episode of the seventh season of the Chinese dating show ‘If You Are The One’ during a contestant’s introduction video?

How many ads have shaped culture like Dumb Ways To Die?