ITIAPTWC Episode 20 – Richard Russell Part One

Richard Russell. You know, one of the fellas behind Grrr…

But how did that happen almost twenty years into his career?

Well, that’s an interesting story that he and I cover in this first part of our chat.

The Grrr stuff will be in part two…

In this hour, we discuss the following:

Why you have to be prepared to lose your job.

Why Frank Budgen was a diamond.

How to beat the strictures of Proctor and Gamble.

Why the toilet is a very good place to have ideas.

If you’re a lucky creative, you find a client that shares your vision.

Did I call up Richard twenty years ago?

If something goes wrong it’s always the agency’s fault.

The value (or lack thereof) of awards.

Be prepared to leave your job (even if that means a year in the wilderness).

How Richard joined W&K.

All the work we discuss is on Richard’s site, along with lots of additional info and context.

Here’s the chat, the iTunes link and the Soundcloud link.

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ITIAPTWC Episode 20 - Richard Russell Part One