Another Disappointing Amnesty Ad

I’m sorry to mention another Amnesty ad in my series of charity ads that I don’t think do the tin-rattlers justice, but it’s a cause that I feel very strongly about.  Apart from a bloke who plays the penny whistle on the Metropolitan Line, the only deserving cause I give money to is Amnesty International.  It’s kind of a selfish thing, really: they help people in the position I’d least like to find myself in.

Anyway, here’s the new ad.
It’s a bit of a leaden old metaphor, mainly because it’s exactly the same as this one.
But it’s the shots of the Powerful People that don’t work for me.  They just look so bloody smug.  I don’t want to be one of those self-interested bell-ends (especially the Foxton’s-type with the Audi in his drive) because I don’t think Amnesty is about how it makes you feel; it’s about stopping people being tortured for their beliefs or murdered for defending democracy or the rights of women.
And on top of that, it’s pretty dull.
Especially when brilliant work like this is possible for the same client:

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