The One Eyed Man Might Be An Advert For Bread.

At the end of September I asked what the best UK ad this year was.

I didn’t get a great response, certainly very few ads (actually, none) that felt like they deserved the accolade ‘best ad of the year’.  The thing is, though, somebody’s got to win it.  In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king and all that.
So here we are in mid-November, and still nothing to blow the others out of the water.
However, Televisual, ‘The business magazine for the broadcasting and production community’ has just released their latest poll of the year, which includes votes from production company personnel for ad of the year.  The non-last-year ones are all follows:
(good year for Ringan)
All the others were the usual Space, Gorilla, Cake, Music Pieces, Bunnies etc. from last year. Nothing on the list from Glazer, Kleinman, Zacharias, and nothing this year from Budgen, Murro, Wilson etc.
Well, that confirms it.  It’s been a bad year.
I still tip BBC Penguins and Tfl Dothetest for success next year, but we’re definitely in the kingdom of the blind.