When Did The Sun Turn Into Campaign?

Most days I read The Sun backwards, as I have done for the last 23 years (I also read The Guardian for balance).

This week, along with the Gary Lineker story that inspired yesterday’s post, the Sun appears to have gained a strange fascination for the world of advertising.

First, on Monday, we had this article about the immense popularity of the T-Mobile flashmob ad.

And then, today, a double page spread about the complaint letter to Richard Branson that’s been passed around t’internet. For the uninitiated, it was written by WCRS creative Oli Beale and I had thought about putting it up here as an example of some really fine writing (minor grammatical errors aside). Anyway, it’s very funny, and looks like just the kind of thing Campaign would like to feature in its brilliantly witty Diary page.

As The Sun is £3.40 cheaper than Campaign, I’d love this trend to continue, but somehow I can’t see Jeremy’s Photo Casebook being quite as stimulating as Deidre’s.