I Laugh At The Koala Bit Every Time

Here’s a new ad for Careerbuilder.com:

It’s really, really good for several reasons:

1. Great choice of vignettes.
2. Brilliant editing.
3. Well balanced V/O (quirky, but not too quirky).
4. Truthful.
5. The koala.
6. They made it look about a million times easier than the many hours that definitely went into it.
7. Endless rewatchability, despite repeating itself during the ad.
8. “Mmm…It’s gold.”
9. But way more than any of these, it’s the kind of ad that makes you jealous because it could have been done for many other briefs – many other briefs that have passed across your desk – but you didn’t crack them like this. And nor did I.


Compare this to the new Monster.com ad. Which do you prefer?