I Was Sent This Twice Today. I’d Rather Have Been Sent It Once.

It links to a site that continues the information.

At this point I’ll assume that you’ve now watched it and maybe even been taken in, to some extent.

I wasn’t. Here’s why:

The first person who sent it to me was my friend Cam, the creative behind it, who didn’t give me any kind of warning about what it contained. Unfortunately, before I had time to click through his link, I got sent another email from someone else involved in it. They decided that it would be better for me to know it was a hoax before I viewed it (the point of the second email was to ask me, as a blogger, to spread this hoax).

I just thought that the person sending the second email could have given it a bit of thought. Did he want me to write about how well the trick worked, or how well I believe the trick might have worked had I had the chance to experience it?

Anyway, it’s a nice bit of digital from an ATL agency, and even if you suspected that it wasn’t ‘real’, it was still fun, and well put together.

And if you want to hear Christian Bale swearing at his DP on the set of Terminator 4, enjoy. Christian, if you’re reading this, Batman was shit and you’re a cock.