Ideas, Language And Plot.

According to someone I read in the Guardian Review section, a (good) book will have either one, two or three of the elements in the title of this post.

One done well will make a good book, two will make a great book and three will make a classic.

For example, something like The Fountainhead has ideas and plot but little in the way of impressive language, whereas A Confederacy of Dunces hasn’t got much of a plot, but makes up for it with great language and ideas.

So, can I torture this piece of information until it relates to advertising?

Well, our version of an idea would be a truth, so this ad hasn’t really got a plot, but it has a visual language and an idea:

Whereas this has a great plot and great (visual) language, but no idea:

No plot, but visual and verbal language, as well as an idea:

All three? How about this:

So there we have it: an insightful literary theory bummed into a post on an ad blog.

Congrats to me.