Richard Howarth, Daniele De Iuliis, Christopher Stringer, Danny Coster: 4 Reasons Why 15% Of You Are Mad.

Last week’s poll, the modified version of the poll from the week before, has fascinated me further (and I was already pretty darn fascinated).

The title of this post refers to the 11 of you who would like a D&AD Gold three years running.

All those people have done that very thing. Did you recognise them? No fibs, now.

Actually, I’m talking bollocks: they won it four years running, and you still don’t know who they are.

(They are part of the Apple design team that brought us the various bits of hardware (imac etc.) that wowed the juries of 1999-2002.)

Before you get all snicky and say that you’d love to have brought the world the iphone/ipod etc., that wasn’t the question. You went for the benefits/honour of three D&AD Golds in a row. AND IT MEANS VERY LITTLE.

And if any of you who went for the Cannes Grand Prix are feeling smug, could you name the creatives behind Dove Evolution without looking them up? Of course, it only won two CGPs in the same year, but one of them was the prestigious Film award. Your three might only be Radio, Cyber and Press (if that happens you’ll get a month of attention, then no one will mention it ever again).

I’m sorry. I’m allowing my personal opinions to get in the way (again), but how can anyone want a D&AD Gold over an Oscar? Or a Nobel Prize? Or an Olympic Decathlon Gold?

Then again, the most popular response was the Knighthood, something I wouldn’t really care for because its gift is so riven with political corruption. I guess you could argue the same about the Oscar (what if you won it for Titanic or Legends of the Fall – both past Cinematography winners?), but surely it’s always going to have roughly a million times the cachet of an ad bauble?

Sod it. If you want a stubby black pencil (you can’t even write with them, you know) or a tin lion with a big plinth, all power to you.

At least they are within your grasp.

The day you have to admit the AVN Best Group Scene is beyond your powers is a sad day indeed.