Plus Ca Change

The results of this week’s poll are probably pretty similar to the results I’d have got if I’d run it ten or twenty years ago. That is: over 40% of you would most like a D&AD Pencil for TV, followed by just over 20% each for Poster and Press, with Integrated coming in fourth with 12%.

So what does that tell us? Well, aside from the fact that radio is still the ginger stepchild it’s always been, the digital love-in has yet to gain any kind of equality in prestige with its old-school brethren.

I thought TV and Cinema would win, but I didn’t think Press and Poster would be twice as popular as Integrated, and never mind Websites and Online; they barely registered.

It seems that this blog may well be read by people who grew up with the triplet pillars of TV, Press and Poster, so you hold them dear in your hearts and high in your estimation. In addition, they are the three easiest media in which you can show someone else how good you are. Send them a quicktime or a pdf – they’re miles more immediate than the little films you make to sum up your integrated campaign. Also, and this is probably the hardest thing for advertising, digital still isn’t coming up with the kind of work that makes ATL creatives think it’s cool, or even worth working on. The work imbues the category with status, and until that happens, it’ll still feel like metaphorical nerds versus metaphorical film makers.

Of course, I think we’d all take a Pencil wherever it’s coming from (even Radio Crafts or Writing for Graphic Design) over no Pencil at all, but when it comes to the favoured categories, this might as well be 1979, not 2009.

New Poll, by the way. Enjoy.