People Are Working Away For Weeks At A Time In The Vain Hope That They Will Amuse You

An interesting phenomenon of the internet, that I don’t recall anyone predicting, is the enormous amount of time devoted to the anonymous amusement of strangers.

Here’s my favourite recent example:

That must have taken ages. Will Brickvader profit from it in any way? Will it have any significance beyond your mild amusement? Is it simply that we are now allowed to look through people’s keyholes at their hobbies?

I think it’s the third one. In the digital age, it must be quite fun to show off something you’ve spent a long time honing to perfection. In the old days you’d just make your model of the Cutty Sark out of matchsticks and hope that someone unfortunate enough to come over for tea actually gave a shit. Now you can tootle around on your PC, whack the result on YouTube and with a bit of luck you might be worth a few minutes of Lilly Allen’s or Graham Norton’s time.

Nothing wrong with that, I suppose (said the bloke whose blog writing has probably taken up even more time for even less return than Brickvader’s movie mixing).

And here’s another:


I could have made this post a bit deeper by exploring how these films are making it impossible to monetise the internet through their provision of free content that is better than most paid-for work, but instead I’ll simply suggest that you ‘put the fucking lotion in the basket’.