Creative Director Of The Year

Good lord, there are far too many award schemes out there.

But by that I mean that there are far too many reasons for a bunch of people to charge £250 a time for the honour of being the third best charity press ad in the UK.

Sell! Sell! has just written a trenchant post on the subject, which I agree with in principle, but I’m not sure there’s a system that beats the subjective judgement of a few brilliant practitioners of the craft.


For this one. Today is the commencementification of the ITIABTWC Creative Director of the Year Award.

It costs nothing to enter and will be decided entirely on your votes. Obviously, this can be subject to abuse, but we’ll assume you’re all going to be super honest, and I can weight the nominations based on the size of the creative department.

If I just place a poll on the blog the winner won’t be a surprise, so if you’d like to vote, just send me an email at

The winner will receive a nice bottle of booze and the most coveted trophy in advertising the Benny.

I don’t know what the deadline’s going to be, so vote early. You can create a fake gmail account if you want to remain anon.

Happy voting!