I’m So Proud Of Myself, And CDOTY Update.

The whole point of lat week’s poll was to try and find four disparate men that an equal number number of ITIABTWC readers would like to be/have been.

Well, colour me stoked (as Parker Lewis’s sister used to say), but I got much closer than I ever thought possible.

The results were: Michael Crawford, 12, Jamie Oliver 12, John Webster 11 and (kind of screwing things up, but not too badly) Sid James at 17.

Thanks to everyone who voted. These small near-victories hold a special place in my mouldy cheeseburger of a brain.

And thanks to eveyone who has sent me a suggestion for CD of the Year.

I don’t think I’ll surprise anyone by saying that names like Droga, Craigen, Waites/Saville and Davidson/Papworth were mentioned. I was also delighted to see multiple suggestions for the lovely Damon Collins and one renegade punt for ‘The Client’.

Keep ’em coming and I might whittle the most popular down to a shortlist.

Or I might not.

Right. Now to think of four disparate women you might like to be.