The Obama Campaign Won The Titanium And Integrated Grand Prix At Cannes And I Have To Ask The Same Question Again

Is it not enough to have elected someone president of the USA?

Do you really need yet another, far smaller pat on the back?

I mean, for crying out loud, that’s like winning the Olympic Gold at swimming then claiming your 100m Butterfly Cub Scout badge.

And that’s aside from the fact that the campaign was helped somewhat by the crapness and stupidity of the man who held the office before Obama. Will Dubya Get a credit for his part in electing his successor? What about Dick Cheney?

Super-Duper Platinum Lion award for dumbest comment of the year goes to Steve Mykolyn, chief creative officer of Toronto-based Taxi, who said: “We’re going to get another copy of the award and send it to Bush.”

Yeah, and the man who ignored international treaties to wage war and dismiss the importance of global warming is going to give a big old shit about that.