Something For The Weekend

I don’t really watch live TV.

All the decent shows come out in box sets that you don’t have to wait weeks to finish.

And everything else is on iPlayer (or the commercial equivalent).

So I finally got round to watching this week’s Top Gear tonight.

It’s a bit dull, but you might be interested in watching the section in the middle where Jeremy and James attempt to write a VW ad. They pop down to DDB London and show their stuff to Jeremy Craigen, who remains admirably unimpressed with their attempts at both advertising and humour.

And when you’ve finished watching that, why not have a look at the trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox:

(OK, I’ll be honest here. I think that looks shit. I think The Royal Tenenbaums is shit. I think The Life Aquatic is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. As far as Wes Anderson goes, I only really like Rushmore. While I’m on the subject, Zoolander is shit, everything Pedro Almodovar has ever done is shit, Dodgeball is shit, most of what Ben Stiller does is shit. Have a good weekend. x.)

PS: check out this post from the Denver Egotist about the intrinsic crapitude of award schemes. It’s sharp.

PPS: shoot the account guy