This Ad By An Ad Agency For An Ad Agency Is What Is Wrong With Advertising

Flicking through a copy of Marketing the other day, I came across this recruitment ad for an advertising and design company called Maverick:

The thing I don’t get is why an ad agency would represent itself with something so badly written and horribly art directed.

They talk about wanting someone with a highly creative nature, but attempt to entice that person with a series of lame puns that connect the name of their company to a character from the film Top Gun who has the same name.

They also want someone with a ‘strong knowledge of digital’. They couldn’t get any more specific than that.

In fact, the whole thing is a spew of meaningless cackbabble that the writer should be ashamed of.

And as for the sign-off, ‘So…if you never lose that loving feeling for liaising between clients and internal colleagues, and you’d like to join a team of aces who like to do things a little differently…’

‘…you are a giant prick.’