The Poll Of The Week And 50% More Madness

Last week’s poll asked whether the best ad of all time was either Guinness Surfer or something else, pitting my favourite ad against all the other ads ever made.

And it lost by 39 votes to 50. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be that close, I mean all the other ads ever made in the history of the world?

Snowplough? Cog? Chuck Out Your Chintz?

But assuming the 50 votes were for a variety of ads, none of which got more than 39 votes, Surfer is the favourite ad of the readers of this blog.


Talking of hooray, I was sent a 90″ version of this year’s wacky ‘organ of fluffy creatures’ Coke ad. It’s better because the extra seconds are wonderfully daft, the new bits explain where all the dancing twats that marred the 60″ came from, and it’s 50% more of one of the best ads of the year.

Take it away, mad creatures: