To Pimp Or Not To Pimp, Is That The Question?

Earlier this year I stuck the website on the blog.

It got a generally favourable reaction but we are all too aware of its limitations.

It’s pretty basic and a tad glitchy, but it does the job.

So imagine our surprise when we turned to page 55 of this month’s Ceative Review to find this (minor licence has been taken with the page layout to remove the stuff next to it):

Very kind (although ‘slick’ is not an adjective I would use to describe that site).

Anyway, for those of you who want to check out the whole article, we’ve been featured next to the website of Adam Chiappe and Matt Saunby (also described as ‘slick’). They have taken a theme of ‘Pimp Your Brand’, whereby they suggest that they can do for your brand what Tim Westwood can do for a battered old car.

Now, I’ve never met Mr Chiappe or Mr Saunby, but I assume they put out a website that reflects their personality. It’s fun, it’s (as Creative Review says) ‘cool’, and it’s confident. All good things to be.

Whereas Daryl and I have not employed a theme, instead deciding to let the work and PR speak for itself (I guess that’s why we got the adjective ‘simple’). But we didn’t set out to reflect ourselves; it just happened. The CR blurb says that we’ve been ‘pretty successful in conveying what Daryl and Ben are about’, but how do they know that? Unless the pseudonymous author of the piece knows us, they must have assumed, quite rightly, that our website was designed to be an extension of ourselves.

That might be worth bearing in mind when you design your own. As Michael Jackson nearly sang, it’s just another part of you.

(By the way, if you’re bored, why not check out a few Japanese Bug Fights.)