Loads Of Things For The Weekend

Guy Maddin’s The Heart of the World:

And I’m not very fond of Kevin Spacey (he just plays the same snidey, supercilious shitcake in all his movies) but this is genius:

(Thanks, J.)

And if you’re still bored, how about the greatest long tracking shots of all time?

Or checking out Scorsese’s top movies of the nineties?

And if DHM wants to know where to take the Smooth Radio print campaign, here’s a suggestion.

Still need to waste time?

OK, OK…One last thing…

You can’t still be bored? You are? Jesus…

OK, this has to be the last one: the best performances of the 00s.

And the real, absolute last, last, last, last, last one is this clip from a sitcom I was watching the other day where a man went mad selling energy drinks to old people in a cafe. I wondered how it happened, then I found this clip on Cinematical (it’s got Spike Jonze acting in it):

PS: I forgot this: