Last Week’s Poll

So the majority of you would either like to be a creative (36%) or a creative director (24%).

I guess that makes sense. Statcounter doesn’t break down the readers of this blog into their respective occupations but I’d imagine that most of you are what’s known as ‘creatives’. I wonder why you’d generally prefer to not to be the boss. I agree, but for what it’s worth, my reasoning is that I’d rather not do all the client hand-holding in Dusseldorf or Darlington. And I hate meetings. They’re all far too fucking long because people love to faff. What is it with faffing? I know one faffer who simply repeats everything she has already said at least three times while I am silently imagining setting her face on fire then putting it out with a chisel.

More of you would rather be a lav cleaner than an account person. I second that. I’m not particularly fond of cleaning lavs (particularly on Friday morning), but it’s honest work and I think my soul would be OK at the end of it. Not sure I could look myself in the eye if I was a suit, and I certainly couldn’t explain to my son what I did for a living. He’d think I was a right cunt.

Not so many of you want to be a ‘Post Person’. I should have been clearer with that one: I didn’t mean despatch guys; I meant editors and sound engineers. Anyway, it’s too late for me to use English words to make my thoughts clear. I’ll just have to accept that it’s not my strong suit.

Finally, 8% want to be a planner. I can see where you’re coming from. You are on the up. You are in the ascendancy. You have taken on the mantle of the asymmetric haircut and the Japanese denim. You are cuckooing the creatives into oblivion and it stirs warm your nerdy loins.

But don’t forget: when the copywriters and art directors have finally had enough and and all fucked off home, you’ll regret it.

Because we’re taking the ball with us.