The Law Of Sod (Advertising Version)

The likelihood of your ad getting made is in inverse proportion to the degree to which you want to make it.

Your CD will pick the one you just stuck in the pile on the off-chance.

You will never read the Daily Mail unless it’s in a pile of magazines on a shoot and you’ve read everything else. Then you will read it cover to cover and be ashamed at enjoying one of the articles.

The food that arrives at the sound session will have someone’s order missing. That someone will be you.

You will forget that It takes as much effort to make a shit ad as it does a good one.

The actors will lie on release forms. If you need them to ride a horse/tap dance/speak Urdu they will say they can because by the time you find out they can’t it will be too late.

The client will hate something about your ad that you hadn’t even thought of.

Wardrobe calls with attractive members of the opposite sex are more awkward than they are in the dream you had the night before.

You will not get the director you wanted, but you will convince yourself that the one you end up with was your favourite all along.

No matter how clearly and emphatically you ask, including threats of death and maiming, the illustrator will not follow your instructions.

Pre-prods always last half an hour longer than the biscuits.

The client will never provide enough of the product to shoot, and it will never arrive on time.

When you all go out for a meal on location, the creatives will attempt to sit as far away from the client as possible, even if they like him/her.

Art directors are always late. This annoys copywriters, who are always punctual.

It’s always more fun and less fun than you think it will be.