Parallel Lines

So, the sequel to last year’s Carousel ad is here.

For those of you who have not heard about it, this year Phillips have created five short films all using the same few lines of dialogue.

I think you have to admire the ambition, craft and scope of the films/ads/promos (all are shot by a different RSA director).

But there are some difficulties:

1. I think the tricky thing in doing this is that the quality of each one becomes starkly relative to the others. By that I mean that the best ones can make the less good ones look worse by comparison. I loved two, liked one and wasn’t that bothered by the others.

2. None is a good as Carousel. Not by a long chalk. That means that one ad last year has not been bettered by five this year.

3. Do we have to look at the bloody TV all the way through the clips? Carousel seemed to work fine without it.

4. This whole thing was done better almost a decade ago by BMW.

However, I’d certainly be very proud if I were part of the team that could convince a massive client like Phillips to create work like this.

These two are my favourites (click through them to find the rest on YouTube):

If I was Scamp I would now write something along the lines of, ‘What do you think of them?’

But I’m not, so I won’t.

But do feel free to comment. It feels ripe for an opinion or two.