You Wait Years For A Copywriter To Write A Book Then Three Come Along At Once.

Hot on the heels of my literary opus (or airport fiction) and Scamp’s guide to making it as a creative, we now have the debut novel of one D. Abbott, latterly of Marylebone Road, NW1.

Here’s a review on Amazon from Hamish Pringle that might whet your appetite (thanks for the tip, D.):

David Abbott’s first novel took me just three sittings, which gives an idea of its readability. Beautifully worked, as might be expected from one of the world’s greatest copywriters, with many memorable turns of phrase of which just three here: “The terrace, as is the way of these things, had its own Siberia and Golden Mile.”; “It was 6.00pm. In the bar at Delray Beach they would just be kicking off their Happy Hour. She poured vodka into a kitchen tumbler, pleased to know that she was not drinking alone.” and “Henry had come to her bedroom like a visitor to a museum, expecting to look, but hesitant to touch.” Overall a thought-provoking book which will bear re-reading and leaves one hoping for a sequel.

Another (anonymous) reader called it ‘really dark’. But will it be as dark as ‘This doggy bag contains a dead doggy’?

Anyway, I think David’s will be the most literary, Scamp’s will be the most useful and mine will be the one with the most scenes involving the consumption of a leg by a giant cockroach.