Here’s Why Cannes Is A Giant Pile Of Cuntcrack

What a load of fanny.

As Damon Collins Tweeted: ‘Something that probably never ran got entered twice.’

Ads for Scrabble, I ask you…

Every last one of them is complete and utter bullshit.

Who the fuck has to advertise Scrabble?

Who would see such an ad and say, ‘Fuck me, look at all those words which contain the letter A. I really need to go and buy a Scrabble set’?

It’s the epitome of wankheap tossbucket shitebubble crapola.

“This is a complete shock, it took my breath away as the campaign [for Scrabble] was just so beautiful it took my breath away,” said one juror, speaking to “Someone needs to look beyond the decision to strip it and realise that for whatever reason it failed in 2008 it shows the true longevity of the idea that it managed to win in 2010.”

Juror, whoever you are, you need to get out a fuck of a lot more.