So I’ve just seen Inception and it is really bastardly good. Beyond that there’s not a lot of point in going into it. The plot is actually quite difficult to spoil, but if you like movies, just go and enjoy the ride. There’s also little point in me trying to review it because others will do it much better.

I guess, as someone who blogs about advertising, it might be worth making a point that occurred to me that surprisingly linked one of the best films of this century with our much maligned (by me) industry:

As I was watching scenes that, quite frankly, blew my fucking tits off, I did think that it was a shame, with reduced budgets and fearful clients, we tend, as an industry, to have left the jaw-dropping and the dark behind. The kind of amazement that Surfer and Twister used to generate had been replaced by a more everyday excellence (Old Spice guy, Dove Evolution girl, Gorilla) that pleases in a less impactful way.

Then I remembered this and realised that was complete and utter bullshit:

Honestly, Carousel could have been a scene in Inception and would not have looked out of place. Those opportunities to be dark, adult, intelligent and ground-breaking may be few and far between, but at least they exist.

Perhaps that’s something worth clinging to.

Alternatively, you might think that the chances of you getting to make something like that are so small, you might as well not bother trying and will instead choose to resign and go and work in the movies. You might also acknowledge that for all its brilliance, Carousel will have roughly one trillionth the longevity and cultural impact of Inception.

Be a hero in a tiny industry or create deep, resonant art that will make people thank God that you’re alive?

Just measure your ambition and act accordingly.