Does Nike have a rooney spot lined up?

This is how they have attempted to rehabilitate basketball star LeBron James:

(Thanks, L.)

Now imagine the same ad but with Wayne in the starring role.

If we could get round his guaranteed inability to act I think it could be quite fun:

‘Should I pay less than £200 for a pack of smokes?’

‘Should I stop shagging granny whores?’

‘Should I urinate in the loo instead of the street?’

‘Should I apologise to Ryan and Paul for implying that they’re a pair of old wankers?’

‘Should I give the first shit about Colleen’s handicapped sister?’

‘Should I play well for any of the teams dumb enough to pick me over the past six months?’

‘Should I play better or continue to complain when people boo my boo-worthy performances?’

‘Nah. I’m Wayne and when it comes to whatever the fuck I want to do, I just do it.’