Why get so emotional (baby)?

Comedy, analogy, randomness, sexiness, product demo…

There are many ways to skin an advertising cat, but how many of us reach into our knife drawers and slide out the blade marked ’emotion’?

It’s a tough one (as I said to a planner last month, ‘Which emotion are you talking about?’ I think the English language, oddly, has yet to create a word for the swell of feeling that we all get when we see that photo or watch that movie or book that transexual dwarf for that birthday party), but if you can get it right, it can persuade in a way that’s beyond the surface of the other methods.

But then its success does depend on a response which is about as subjective as it gets: one man’s heart-swell is another man’s damp toilet seat. We can all laugh at the John West Bear, but how many of us will find the same touching moment touching?

With that in mind, here is a new ad from NZ that has emotion in spades:

Does it float your monkey or fart in your lift?