HoF: 1998

Here are 1998’s Hall of Famers:

Other greats from the same year: Supernoodles ‘Baby’, and ‘Wasted Away’, Scalextric ‘Birth’, Yellow Pages ‘Burglary’ and I couldn’t find Lego ‘Box’, BT ‘When you’re on a lampost’, Lynx ‘The one where the two people are standing next to each other on the tube’ or Sony ‘The one where the donut sign falls down’ online.  Sorry about that.

Those of us who were around at the time might recall that this was a year when people complained about the dominance of the US, with their quite violent ads being given an unfair advantage through laxer BACC-type regulations, and by the fact that no one had seen them before and therefore their humour was fresher on the day.

But as you can see, the UK produced some real crackers that stand the test of time quite brilliantly.