The next two weeks

Hello dear reader,

Tomorrow I will be going to the United States of America for a holiday (in case you’re interested, it’s ten years since I got married in Las Vegas and will be renewing my vows with my lovely wife. Ah, who’d have thought that we’d have made it this far? We actually got engaged after knowing each other for just five days, so there were a few doubtful faces back then. If you were one such doubter: in your face, motherfucker. Anyway, here we are a decade on with two lovely kids and all that jazz. Hooray). If you think that means you can burgle my flat, you are sorely mistaken. There will be a constant supply of builders, neighbours, catsitters and house guests to fend off your thievery, and if you get past them I will hunt you down and pay a really clumsy man to turn your anus into a toolshed.

But you don’t care about that. You care about how you’re going to waste those bloggy hours of the day without a juicy bit of ITIABTWC action to keep you satisfied.

Fear not! I have pre-prepared a whole load of posts to keep you going in my absence. All I have to do is hit the ‘publish’ button and ten minutes of pointless timewastery will be beamed directly into your desktop, lap top or smartphone.

It’s basically going to be a continuation of the Hall of Fame, which will hopefully serve as a little trip down memory lane for those of us who were ‘there’, and an educational resource for the youngsters.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


PS: if you’re in LA/Vegas over the next couple of weeks, drop me a line. I’ll stand you a margarita at the Sky Bar/Bellagio.