Sean de sparengo-tastic.

Last year I was interviewed by Shots.

If you are asked to do this you are then presented with an interesting problem: all interviewees must provide their own photo of themselves. Of course, you could just go to one of those machines in the station and give them four little pictures in front of a blue curtain, but this is an interesting opportunity to be a bit more creative (see Dave Trott’s most recent post).

However, not only am I the world’s worst photographer, as a copywriter, I don’t really know many professional snappers. Fortunately, the one I do know is really fucking good, so thank god for Sean De Sparengo. I didn’t give him much notice (I think it could be measured in minutes), but he (with art directional assistance from Mark Denton) really came up trumps. But that’s because he’s so darn good:

And he doesn’t just take photos. He also co-directed this:

So if you like the above, find him here.

Thanks, Sean.