This ad reminds me of the good old days

It’s got flair, joie de vivre and – as the rap kids say – swagger.

It’s obviously been directed by someone really rather good (Fredrik Bond. Interest declared: my wife works for Fredrik’s production company, Sonny, but she didn’t send me this ad; I had to find it myself. I know what you’re thinking: divorce her. Well, let me tell you, the thought frequently crosses my mind, especially when I need good shit for this creaky old blog and she doesn’t even offer me the scraps off her table. If it wasn’t for the absolutely brilliant every other aspect of our marriage I’d be out the door like a shot).

The not-very-ugly lady singing the song at the end is Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids, and the song is called The Golden Age.

UPDATE: sorry, it was by Wiedens Amsterdam.