Tom Kuntz’s favourite ‘ads’ of the year

Can be found here (thanks, G).

A couple of points:

1. Check out what’s at number one. Could someone at Cadbury’s please take their balls out of their handbag and let it run?

2. The intro says ‘Has their* been a funnier, more inventive year for advertising?’. The answer is, of course, ‘Yes. Otherwise Tom Kuntz would have been able to find more than two actual commercials for his list (the rest are pop promos/credit sequences/an odd website), one of which didn’t really run and the other would never get within a million miles of a British TV set’.

It’s like a celebration and massive diss of advertising all in one article.


*Dear Esquire writer: how did you get a job in journalism without knowing the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’? Does no one check your work? Someone should.