It seems like Monday has turned into plug an adman (or ex-adman) or adwoman (or ex-adwoman)’s business day

Today is the turn of Leagas Delaney and ex-BBH/St Luke’s creative Adam Arber and his fascinating Roadkill Toys.

The products are little animals that have been run over on the roads. They come in body bags, with toe tags, death certificates and car bumper stickers. They’ve got 4 characters at the moment: Twitch the Raccoon, Pop the Weasel, Grind the Rabbit and Splodge the Hedgehog. A squirrel is in production. Adam was on Dragon’s Den with the products, and also featured on Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton.

So, pretty successful, but it doesn’t end there:

The products are currently in a touring art exhibition in Europe. At the moment they’re being displayed in Prague in an exhibition called Decadence, next to Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol exhibits.

The Hells Angels in New York ordered a whole batch to strap on to the front of their Harleys.

And Adam’s had quite a bit of hate mail since the launch a couple of years ago. Mainly from bigots and zealots. Here are a couple of examples:

Your videos are such a “bad idea” ones. Some kids are going to kill animals just because them saw it in your videos. I hate everthing here. And I think those videos are urging violence against the animals.

You think maimed animals are funny?  You think encouraging kids to believe that maimed animals are funny is amusing?


I would do anything to put you out of business but there wouldn’t be any point.  You are a sick individual.  Do you find maimed children funny, handicapped children amusing?

Oh my god, it is so so sad that anyone can think like this.

You can laugh and call people overly sensitive.  I think it is more about just knowing whats right and wrong.  Caring for people, caring for animals, caring about the world.

I would love to know what it is that you find so funny about an animal in distress.

May god help your soul.  Hope you make lots of money.  It’s all you’ll ever have.  You certainly have no moral compass at all.

I am a novelist and will be using your ‘firm’ in my new book as an example of moral depravity.  And no, I’m not a god botherer.  I’m forty-six with a succesful marketing career behind me and now own two hotels as well as being a writer.  I smoke, drink and do too many things to excess.

Hat’s all the way off to Adam and his sick shit.