Blog Loot!

I’ve been writing this blog for about five years with nothing to show for it (nothing tangible, anyway. The feeling of warm satisfaction I get from connecting to four or five readers through cyberspace is a thing of utter wonder).

Well, that all changed a few weeks ago when I received a 3M PocketProjector MP180.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: whore.

And you’d be right.

Except, I wouldn’t witter on about something I didn’t like (Jesus, you should see some of the ads people send me that I don’t pass on to you. Like someone’s put a turd in bag of vomit and flung it at my inbox), so I’m kind of like a nymphomaniac whore. Does that make sense? Maybe I should use a different analogy.

Anyway, I had a go on it and have to say that I was very impressed. The darn thing is conveniently light and Wi-Fi connected, so you can just splash the interweb onto the nearest wall without the need for a computer. Hooray.

But the thing is, I don’t need it as much as the local primary school does, so I’ve donated it to them (tart with a heart). I did explain to the lovely George at 3M that I wanted to do that and he was fine about it.

That aside, if you’d like one (and they are very good), you can use the code below to get a discount and an iPhone/iPad connector cable.

Discount Code : 3M12


Text : “3M have teamed up with Personal Projector, the Pocket Projection specialists, to offer an exclusive £29.99 discount on the 3M MP180 pocket projector. Additionally this offer also includes a £34 3M iPhone/iPad AV cable to connect to your projector. Enter the code supplied before August 31st”