Internet seeding part 3


I hope you are well – we have seen you cover alot of marketing and advertising stories and thought you might be interested in the following marketing story for your blog.

Coors Light, ‘The World’s Most Refreshing Beer’™, has signed Hollywood legend Jean-Claude Van Damme to front its latest TV and online advertising campaign.

I have attached an image incase you would like this to accompany you piece – but if you would like anything else such as the ad embed code just let me know and I can provide this for you.

Many thanks,


Well, Danielle, it’s a slow day where I’ve had to resort to writing about cartoons, so, yes: I am interested.

Having checked out the ad, I find it mildly diverting (mainly because I’m wondering how much it costs to get JCVD to do something like this. Not a great deal, I’d imagine).

What do you think?