Oh, to be a kid today

I guess there are some downsides to being born in this century: you missed seeing Star Wars before George Lucas flushed it down the loo; you only know the dominance of two football teams; and the ads are shite.

But there is a massive upside.

If you don’t have kids (or smoke dope) it’s unlikely you’ll have tuned into the Cartoon Network lately. You’re probably aware of the insane genius that is Spongebob Squarepants, but are you familiar with The Regular Show?

I quote Wikipedia:

‘Two 23-year-old friends,[3] a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby, are employed as groundskeepers at a park and spend their days trying to slack off and entertain themselves by any means. This is much to the chagrin of their boss Benson (a high-tempered living gumball machine), along with their co-worker Skips (a yeti); but to the delight of Pops (a naïve, lollipop-shaped gentleman whose father Mr. Maellard owns the park). Their other co-workers, Muscle Man (an overweight green man) and High Five Ghost (a ghost with a hand extending from the top of his head) serve as rivals to Mordecai and Rigby.[4] As stated before, the show usually revolves around Mordecai’s and Rigby’s attempts to avoid work and enjoy themselves; however, they oftentimes have to pay for their irresponsible actions, as they always get into more trouble than they thought. This typically results in Mordecai and Rigby going through bizarre and surrealistic misadventures.’

That’s right, a ghost with a hand extending from the top of his head.

But they left out Coffee Coffee:


Then there’s Adventure Time. Here’s description of one of its characters:

‘Beemo is a sentient video game console that lives with Finn and Jake. His appearance contains elements of VectrexGame Boy, andAtari 2600 game hardware. The letters on his side spell “BMO”. He speaks with a Korean accent. Beemo also has magical powers that can put people into whatever video game that is wanted, but its extremely dangerous and monsters could come out into reality just by a push of a button, but only he can press it. Although Finn and Jake often refer to Beemo as him, Pat McHale, creative director, says that Beemo is more of an it.’


And last but not least, the Emmy Award-winning The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack:

‘Flapjack is a young boy raised by a talking whale named Bubbie. Flapjack leads a peaceful life until the duo rescues a pirate by the name of Captain K’nuckles, who tells Flapjack of a place called Candied Island, which is made completely of candy. Inspired by the adventurous pirate, Flapjack, Captain K’nuckles and Bubbie get into strange predicaments and “misadventures” in search of candy, Candied Island and the coveted title of “Adventurer”. The three spend most of their time in Stormalong Harbor, their place of residence, and home to many strange characters.’