I just can’t seem to stop putting up ads right now

Here’s another:

I don’t think much of it; I’ve always been somewhat of the opinion that ‘Keep Walking’ is a bit of a weak wordplay to hang a whole campaign on (I’m wrong, obviously. It’s been running for years and won loads of awards). But that aside, there does seem to be an odour wafting past my nostrils… an unfamiliar scent of… what is that?… Could it be?… I think it is… Fuckloads of cash.

Between this, Muller and Canal+ it does feel like rather a lot of reddies are being spunked up the wall of Framestore/MPC/The Mill. How does that chime with these supposedly recessionary times? Who knows? Who cares? Not the boys in the Flame suites, that’s for sure (is it still Flame these days?).