I think this might be the best ‘weekend’ I’ve ever compiled.

Coogan in Alan Partridge book reading:

I don’t understand what anyone is saying.

So much great stuff in Drunk History (thanks, P):

Rudolph the Red Nosed Rehab (thanks, P):


Tom Kuntz incredibly fucking brilliant Christmas goodness (NSFW. Thanks, A).

Old Spice explosions (thanks, K).

Ice Cube on LA/Eames (thanks, P):


The Spielberg Face (thanks, G):

2011’s movies in under five minutes:

Blog comment wankers categorised (which one are you? Thanks, C).

Download this Louis CK gig for $5. It’s a great bargain but you might have a coronary thrombosis from laughing so hard.

WherethefuckshouldIgofordrinks.com (thanks, C).

And you already know this, but bottled water is the tears of the damned (thanks, P).