Landmark Forum Media Introduction


Last year I invited any and all of you to come to an introduction for the Landmark Forum.

This is the post I wrote. Charmingly, a few of you took me up on my offer.

If you didn’t come, I’d suggest you re-read my post (and its links to The Observer, Time, New York Times etc.) and see what you think.

At the very least, as Dave Trott suggests, you can look at the situation from a position of knowledge and make your own mind up then. All I’d say is that in my experience, and in the experience of all the people I know who have done it, it can clear an enormous amount of shit out of your head in three days, leaving you clear to do pretty much anything you want.

The reason I bring it up again is because they are having a special introduction for people in media on the 28th of February. It runs from 7-10pm at 203 Eversholt Street London NW1 and it’s free, with no obligation to stay any longer than you wish.

If you have any other questions, drop me a line at, leave a comment or get in touch with Landmark yourself.