Here comes the deluge…

You may not have noticed, but this year London will be hosting a sporting event called The Olympic Games.

People will run, jump and throw things in an attempt to do so to a greater extent than their opponents.

It’ll be amazing, particularly the canoeing.

You might also be surprised to know that accompanying this event will be an enormous amount of advertising related to the event. Many large corporations (and, I fancy, your local snack bar) will be proclaiming their…um…connection to the Games in some manner which will be in no way contrived. Each communication will thread together the relationship between corporation and sport so seamlessly that you will wonder how you never spotted such a thing till now.

Exhibit A:

So there you have it. I hope you liked that; you’re going to see an awful lot more of them in the next six months.

(By the way, seeing that reminded me of this brilliant short film from 1978:

How do I close those brackets?) Oh, like that.