Nice idea, emily churches

Yesterday I received the following email:

Hi Ben,

My name’s Emily Churches and I’m emailing you because I came across your WWeverywhere video a while back and thought it was simply brilliant. Like you and thousands of others i just don’t understand the need for bottled water.

So i thought you might be interested in some work I did. I entered a D&AD student competition in 2009 to design a product to encourage people to drink tap water over bottled water. It was a product design brief. But the brief didn’t make much sense. Tap water doesn’t need special products designed, filters or bottles to be enjoyed. All you need is a container to enjoy its benefits. So instead I created this and it won a yellow pencil. Ideally, I would love to actually move this design on from spec, send it out for real so that it’s found on kitchen drainers and in wallets across the country.

I hope you like the concept design and good luck with WWE.

Kind regards


Nice one, Emily. If you can help, or you’d like to get Emily to do something very clever for you, click on her link and get in touch with her.

While I’m here I’ll just remind you that the Landmark Forum introduction for media peeps that I mentioned a few weeks back is tonight. I’ll be there, so do pop along, if only to tell me how well my blog passes the crucial moments between the first coffee of the day and the decision to make stool.