Another wonderful, wonderful ad from Kenny motherfucking powers*

The advent of the internet has given us many great things, and yes, some of them have even been ads.

But since BMW films showed us that web-only advertising meant that you could dispense with rules and regulations there have not been enough corporate messages that have really pushed the boundaries.

Well, the K-Swiss Kenny Powers work has really taken things to the next level.

Swearing, violence and plenty of product.

It’s what a sports shoe ad should be.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t really get the full benefit of an Adidas trainer vs one from Nike or Asics. They’re all pretty good, so the purchase decision just comes down to which brand you like best. Before the Kenny Powers campaign I thought of K-Swiss as the lowest of the low: dreadful name, awful design, terrible advertising. But in one fell swoop they have jumped to the front of mind when it comes to trainer choice (I must admit I still haven’t bought a pair, but that’s mainly because they look like shit) and as far as I’m concerned that’s advertising job done.

And this latest spot is just another great addition to a great campaign.

*It’s just coincidence that the last two ads I’ve really loved have featured loads of senseless violence.