(So much good shit, mainly thanks to Peggy.)

The alphabet of film (thanks, P):

Typo of the year (thanks, P).

You awake to find yourself in a DARK ROOM (thanks, S):

The first minute of all the Bond films (thanks, P):

I don’t know why anyone would want all the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue pics, but here they are (thanks, P).

The trailers of all the Oscar nominated movies in one convenient place (thanks, P).

Charlie Brooker’s brilliant Sun poem.

Boy loses prize in gang sign furore; doesn’t take it very well:

Everything is a Remix, Episode 4 (thanks, P):

LED surfer (thanks, S).

Movie’s rap 99 Problems (thanks, P):

Interview with someone who left advertising and is happy.

The Evolution of Louis CK (thanks, P):