My God… I think I’m about to write a post about radio.

Regular readers will know that I very rarely cover the subject of radio.

That’s because I don’t listen to the radio (except for the utterly wonderful Sirius station Classic Vinyl when in LA).

Also, almost nobody gives a shit about radio advertising.

But that’s a bit of a shame, isn’t it? After all, radio is less scrutinised by clients, and because many of your peers don’t care about it, it’s fertile territory for awards (if you’re into that kind of thing). You also get to meet very famous people and tell them what to do for an hour. Wot larks!

A couple of months back I met the lovely Clare Bowen from the RAB, who pointed me in the direction of this initiative they’ve set up with D&AD. So check it out and get inspired.

Also, news reaches me of this radio campaign for Women’s Aid. It’s rather hard-hitting (pardon the pun), but what interests me is the fact that the team used a TV director (QI’s Dominic Savage) to get the right performances from the actors (or maybe he beat the shit out of them).

I find that interesting because the best radio ads I ever did also involved getting some outside help to plump up the casting and direction. If not for the boys at Eardrum, I think the ads would never have made it into D&AD. So next time you get a radio brief, why not see if some of the best in the business can lend you a hand. You have nothing to lose but the shit ads you might have made without them.