Fuck, I hate this ad so much

It’s another forgettable manifesto type thing, but it makes me shudder like a dog with the runs.

Some all of the moments are dreadfully unimaginative, and even if they weren’t they’re portrayed with such anodyne, clichéd ‘talent’ that you just want to spray each scene with a hose filled with concentrated hydrochloric acid.

Look! They found a piano in the street! That happens to me ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!1!!1!

Look! He’s doing karaoke! How did they think up that one???/!!1!!

Look! they all clambered into a photo booth! Like pricks!

Look! They’re on a rooftop! Everything that happens on a rooftop IS SO FUCKING FUN!

Beyond all that I just don’t buy that that any one of these dildos drinks Budweiser, particularly the girls.

Maybe Bud will never again scale the heights of Waaassssssuuuupppp, but there’s no need to get it this wrong.