Oh my God, Mitt Romney is *such* a cunt

Here’s a new ad on behalf the Republican party in the lead up to the US presidential election in November:

Fuck. Me.

How the shitting fuck, in this day and age, can sentient beings create such a ridiculous, hateful, misguided, intolerant, nonsensical fuckwitted shitpile of a ‘message’?

I’ve been in the States for the last ten days and have followed the US election pretty closely (the national conventions for the Republicans and Democrats happened this week and last). What seems incredible to me is that one party is clearly and obviously lying to smear the other party and yet the party of liars still has millions and millions of supporters.

The Daily Show has been covering both conventions and it’s been very interesting to see the stark contrast between the material they get to work with from the Republicans vs what they get from the Democrats. On the Republican side there is a wealth of lies, obfuscation of the truth (Mitt Romney won’t release his tax returns for examination by the American people, mainly because he has avoided a massive amount of income tax through many shady methods. Fortunately Larry Flynt of Hustler fame has offered $1m to anyone who can produce them), and Clint Eastwood talking to a chair:

Whereas the coverage this week’s Democratic convention has been, well, boring and unfunny. This is because there’s been little to take the piss out of. Michelle Obama made a speech that everyone loved, Bill Clinton spoke well (but went on a bit; The Daily Show managed a few minutes pisstaking out of that) and no one lied at all.

So, a party of obviously shifty bastards who want to screw the poor to make the rich much, much richer, who lambast public handouts that they themselves asked for, who block anything good Obama tries to do on the grounds that it’s Democratic policy, wants to be elected against some people who, among other things, want to ‘force’ gay marriage on us. How do you force gay marriage on someone? Make them attend the ceremony? Make them watch the wedding night?

Is it really 20 fucking 12? Is this how far we’ve come? Are there this many idiotic pricks on planet earth?