Awesome new Kanye video:

What Damien Hirst ‘stole’ (thanks, A).

Johnny Cash’s to-do list (thanks, P).

Remember why you love Breaking Bad with this exquisite remix.

Prince, Tom Petty etc. making sweet love to While My Guitar Gently Weeps (one of the most amazing guitar solos you will ever see, from about 3:25):

Beautiful promo (thanks, J):


Unusual but hilarious stand-up comic (NSFW; thanks, J):

Batman chooses his voice (thanks, B):

Stream the new XX album and see how it’s spreading (thanks, P).

Tatler on swearing (thanks, D).

Great Chris Cunningham doc. He speaks! (Thanks, P.)

Alec Baldwin interviewed by Jerry Seinfeld (thanks, P).

People, we NEED to make this happen:

The man behind Rickrolling (thanks, P).