The best mash-up of all time (thanks, T):

Another fine Amazon takeover (thanks, S).

Have fun looking round Manhattan (thanks, S).

Film photos and their locations.

Compressorhead Ace Of Spades (thanks, V):

Polanski on leaving the audience wanting more:

Every pop culture reference from Tarantino movies in chronological order (thanks, K).

It’s a gold shirt, motherfucker (thanks, J).

Edith with googly eyes (thanks, J).

Sweet Brown autotuned (thanks, A):

‘Kick the little face… in the place,’ (thanks, M):

Lord of the Strings: the influence of Tolkien on heavy metal.

Darth Vader is hard of hearing:

Muhammed Ali on Candid Camera (thanks, V):


Revving motorbikes vs pedestrians (thanks, J):

Howard Stern interviews Tarantino (find a spare 75 minutes and listen to it all. Really excellent stuff):


Qualcomm’s insane CES keynote (thanks, S).

Celebrities read mean Tweets (thanks, S):