What the hell is that whirry, rattling, clattering sound? Oh yes, it’s bill bernbach spinning in his grave

Here’s a VW campaign that’s makes Lemon and Snowplough look like two of the greatest ads of all time.

I know they’re two of the greatest ads of all time, but it’s usually the job of Cillit Bang and Go Compare to really emphasise that.

Here, one of the most awarded brands in advertising history has decided to try the old ‘give five dicks our product and see what they get up to’ thing.

I’ve seen this done for many, many brands (I think it won a Pencil for some guys in 2009), and it never fails to depress me with its combination of laziness, dullness and familiarity.

“We want to engage and activiate key target groups with our new digital campaign and tell individual product stories that people can identify with and enjoy sharing with others”, Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communications at Volkswagen, explained. “The tour made by our six trendsetters will become a story about summer, freedom, adventure and lifestyle – and the Beetle Cabriolet embodies all of those.” 

You could literally replace the words ‘Beetle Cabriolet’ with Nokia 357G, Canon Eos, Pepsi Max, Maybelline or pretty much anything and it’d work just fine.

‘Have you ever wondered how the trendsetter who does twatty things drives to his twatty things? This one drives a Beetle Cabriolet’. 

And if you want proof of how insipid this idea is, see how long you can spend watching this without thinking a negative thought about the people who produced it:


UPDATE: oh, shit. There’s a reading list.