Creative side/downstairs project

Occasionally a side project comes along that touches my heart so deeply that I just have to tell you all about it:

Project Bush is seeking to destigmatise the porncentric expectations of femaile pubic hair.


Glad you asked.

By getting as many of you as possible to go to Mother on the 3rd of October to have your own topiary (or lack thereof) photographed anonymously for an exhibition.

As the organisers put it:

A project designed to encourage debate and discussion about choice in pubic hair, and to show there’s more to vaginas than their current representation in porn.

It’s not about exhibitionism. It’s not about pornography. It’s about choice.

We are going to photograph bushes in all their glory, totally anonymously and very beautifully, in our Bush Booth next Thursday 3rd October here at Mother.

Be there.

You have nothing to lose but the opportunity of having someone anonymously photograph your muff.